July 16, 2013 at 4:53 am

Who The Hell Learns About Life From a Dog?

In trying to be a responsible pet owner, I make sure my 5 month old canine, Hendrix, gets out daily to run and interact in different environments, meeting people and other dogs. If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ll know the endless gratitude, slobber kisses and tail wagging they give you in return for this stimulus. But juggling this commitment can be an inconvenience at times. Yesterday I was in a rush for an important meeting with prospective sponsors for my new venture with Triple Impact 1. I took Hendrix to a large park between client sessions and we ran, chased, played fetch and wrestled. But today had to be quick for us. Then I saw him settle on the grass and chew a plain old stick. I found myself drawn to what was in front of me: an example of savouring the moment. Even in my haste, I found myself laughing at the way he closed his eyes and passionately savored his little pleasure: seemingly in very slow motion (all we needed was a piano playing in the background and we had us a canine version of PSY’s erotic eating in slow mo – hilarious.) It was surreal, I reached for the phone in my pocket, bent down and snapped a photo. This morning I reflect on this little situation and remind myself that while I aim for goals in the future,  take my time and don’t forget to savor the simple things in front of me, just like Hendrix.