About Cyclone

Committed to Engage & Support.

I'm Tyrone Tongia. Since 2002 I have lived and breathed boxing acknowledged by the name "Cyclone". Coach Cyclone was established to help people enjoy physical activity, through the art of boxing. My sole mission is to engage those who demand the best of themselves and be relentless in support of their goals. A one-man-band using professionally tailored and comprehensive boxing protocols, I build energy, camaraderie, and together, we tackle life with the spirit of a fighter.

Unique Experience.

What I've done.                                                            What I do:                                                      How I serve:

What others say:

"Strength and Skill without Character, is Useless" - Mas Oyama.

  • Clients accepted via referral
  • Pre-scheduled weekly appointments
  • Long term focused
  • Customised Boxing Tuition

Family Values, Mate-Ship and the Will to Persevere.

Biggest boxing influences: mentors - Cameron Quinn and Harry Costi.

Coach Cyclone is registered as Cyclone Tyronne Pty Ltd. ACN:130 449 179.

Professional Boxing Record: Here.

Coach Cyclone works one on one with each individual in small, private groups - many of whom are part of other clubs and various fitness regimes. Based in South Brisbane with all the equipment needed to build character.

 Coach Cyclone HQ in South Brisbane