May 14, 2013 at 12:15 pm

Powering Through the Winter Chill

It's coming into Winter: ....hoodies, long trousers, warm meals, sleep ins and less sunlight - in the words of Charles Ramsey - are a "Dead Giveaway!"
Nothing wrong with any of that, but I don't like to let my focus dwindle into hibernation as well.
Prioritising a training routine helps me stay sharp mentally.
To have the time and energy to train, I make sure I enjoy a slow wind down and early sleep the night before.
But a slow wind down require's I get a shit load of work done during the day, and/or let go of the fact that I can't get it all done in a day.
Enter: ...short term deadlines - I have a love/hate relationship with deadlines, but it always forces me to be present in the moment and live with purpose - you know, that place where you're in the zone, because your arse is on the line and the thrill of victory pushes you onward.
People also seem to respect a man (and woman) on a mission..
When it's done, I get to thoroughly enjoy the long wind down and early night and eagerly anticipate the hustle 'n' bustle when I wake the next day.
I'm not always perfect at this, but I'm enjoying the progress I've made.
How do you power through the Winter chill?