March 28, 2015 at 8:44 pm

NYC Adventures.

Some holidays are meant for relaxing and unwinding. Others, not so. images-71 This was a fast paced, "get-in-as-much-as-you-can" type holiday ...So said my darling wife's itinerary. And after years by my side, she deserves it. Finding time to stay fit and healthy seems a contradiction in times like these. You know my outlook: Life is thoroughly lived when fit, focused and healthy. But being on holiday, I had to adapt, make adjustments and keep it simple in order to enjoy getting my daily dose of sweat. We stayed in an area called Tribeca, in lower Manhattan. sm_tribeca In the loft complex we rented, there was a gym down stairs. I started everyday with 30 seconds each of our usual calisthenics. Push Ups, Kick Outs, Squats, Burpees, Dips, Spiders etc. As well as some stretching.
Shopping Cardio

"Shopping Is My Cardio" says Mrs Tongia.

My amazing wife has a different theory on exercise:      Arrow right And after walking with her down countless streets, carrying her shopping bags up stairs, and through colourful displays on boutique escapades, I'm starting to think there's some sense in it. Needing more masculine activity, I made time to get out to the old Gleeson's Boxing Gym at Brooklyn where I did some sparring in 2011.
Gleeson's Gym Brooklyn

Gleesons Gym Brooklyn.

...and the famous Church Street Boxing Gym headed by Jenaro Diaz and his team of tough-love specialists.
Church Street 2

Church Street Boxing. Old school gym in the mist of New York's modern age Financial District. With Jenaro Diaz. The Brown Bomber, Joe Louis, guards the wall.

            Apart from this I was on foot, walking every day for hours. I maintained nutritious food selections among the endless choice of world renowned delectables the Manhattan food scene is famous for, and I savoured quality local beer most days.
Food NY

Tribeca Grill. We were thrilled with the experience but here's a blunt review from locals:

Local Drops

Local Drops. Smuttynose Rye IPA and Coney Island Amber Ale.

Oysters At The Spotted Pig

Had an unlikely conversation with a brain surgeon (on how I punch people in the name of health) while we ate Massachusetts oysters at The Spotted Pig.


We caught a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, 30k in attendance. Spectacular. They know how to put on events. #Tip: bring passport if wanting to have a drink.


Anniversary Dinner at the Michelin Star, Bouley Restaurant.  163 Duane St.

Walking for days. 5th Ave, Midtown. Credit:

Brooklyn Bridge 2

Walked the Brooklyn Bridge at night.


Strolled through the snow in Central Park.

Paid respects at the 9/11 WTC Memorial.

Paid respects at the 9/11 WTC Memorial.

Central Park NY

Enjoyed different vantage points in Central Park. #Huge #FrozenLake

Experienced the view at the Top of the Rock.

Experienced the view at the Top of the Rock.

Explored the Met Museum of Art. A colourful murial of the roaring 20's by Thomas Hart Benton.

Explored the Met Museum of Art. A colourful murial of the roaring 20's by Thomas Hart Benton.

                                                                                      Batman 1 Batman 2 Batman 3 I also did some bare knuckle sparring with the Black Batman in Times Square ...Good fun. Batman 4 I made a deal with everyone to enjoy the holiday but not put on excess body fat. We all dislike the selfie thing, myself included, but here's a post-holiday snap as evidence.
Back after the holiday

Back in Brisbane.

              I trust you're staying active. Looking forward to training with you soon. Coach Cyclone, March 30th, 2015 .