June 14, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Corporate Fight Challenge – Training Highlights

Kamil Sierant, who we've dubbed "No-Frills", has completed an epic 12 week training program with Coach Cyclone. We've completed our training at the famous Coorparoo Boxing Gym in Brisbane. The program culminates with Kamil, who is a senior structural engineer with one of Australia's largest construction/infrastructure companies, in his first ever bout in front of a packed venue, Cloudland Night Club. Promoter: Boxr, Newsteand. See for an overview of this program. UPDATE: On Saturday June 14th, Kamil "No-Frills" Sierant scored a unanimous points victory over a more experience and heavier opponent who also had the home town advantage. The "bigger victory" here is Kamil learning to manage his health and fitness whilst having a high pressure job. Well done mate. Credit to Boxr for a fantastic event. Thanks to team sponsor: A.M. Enterprises. IMG_7028