August 2, 2013 at 12:15 am

11 Boxing Terms Used in Business.

  Tough training in boxing, can become a metaphor for many business terms. Here are 11 Boxing terms parodied in the business world. IMG_0201
  • “Against The Ropes” – In trouble or in a disadvantageous situation. Eg: They got to work late and had the whole team up against the ropes.
  • “Down For The Count” – A temporary set back that has us down, and tests whether we can get back up and continue. Eg: We got over budget on this project so and our short term profit was down for the count.
  • “On The Backfoot” – to retreat under pressure from someone/something. Eg: I was negotiating a put option for Panamanian bananas when the AUD started to slip, as if on banana peels, and from then on I was on the backfoot for the rest of the day's trading.
  • “Hands Up” - Prepare and protect against obstacles Eg: At the computer store, I went in simply to purchase a computer but bought so many accessaries I didn't need. Next time I'll keep them hands up.
  • “Roll With The Punches”. - Not resisting obstacles, going with the flow. Eg: My flight is running late so I’ll just catch up on sending client feedback that I planned to do tonight, rolling with the punches and creating some spare time later on. Boom.
  • “Walked Straight Into That One” – As a result of being unprepared, we receive an unfavorable scenario, that is our own fault. Eg: If I was more organised I wouldn’t have been running late for work and got a speeding ticket. Looks like I walked straight into that one.
  • “Answer The Bell” – To answer the demands placed upon us at the time. No complaints, no blame. Taking responsibility. Eg: The proposal is due in 2 weeks and the pressure is on. It's time to answer the bell.
  • “Make Miss and Make Pay” – Anticipating an obstacle, dodging it and turning it around as an advantage to capitalise on. Eg: I knew he would grill me on why the service was more expensive than others, I offered not to charge for the first session so he could experience what the difference was i.e. “make miss, make pay” and we were good to go.
  • “(Set up with the) Jab”. –Keeping it simple, and laying the foundation for bigger things to follow. Eg: Having the tabled document open before session so we didn't waste time waiting during testing or doing the receipts now so it won’t pile up later, or jabbing away at client proposals so I am first in mind.
  • “Ready To Rumble” – readiness to act decisively and encounter hardship. Eg: Text message clients the day before appointment, ie 5am, Ready to Rumble.
  • “Ding Ding” – start. As in don’t procrastinate.