August 29, 2013 at 3:53 am

Fighter to Coach and Promoter.

photo-35  Its 3:02am: the day of my event in partnership with Wijangco and Di Carlo for Triple Impact and there's still much to do. Running sheet finalised, transport for clients, signage, program, ticket cross checks, invoicing and I'm just one of three. There's no sleep for me and in saying that, why not add to my list of action items, a quick blog post?? Arrrhhh (I'm gritting my teeth and flexing macho-man-muscle so as to emphasise the point to "bring it on!").. mma_g_mrt_576 But muscle is of little use as a promoter, other than for moving tables and chairs back and forth.. Organising a high quality, nationally televised pro boxing event for the first time has its similarities and polarities to actually "boxing" itself. Yes, skill is needed, but like a fight, skill can be trumped with work ethic. And, whereas action and energy is required as a fighter - consideration/patience/foresight is also required as an organiser. You dont' give a shit about many people as a fighter (because you just want to win the fight, not be available for others) - and as an organiser, I find myself giving a shit about many people from the fighters, fans, layout, officials, VIP's, venue staff, suppliers etc. And just like fighting, the long, repetitive tasks that everyone finds boring is the key to making it right and outstanding. So as the self confessed, "least-organised-ex-boxer-in-the-world", this events and coaching gig is one of the strangest yet fulfilling endevours I'm learning from. ...Back to work.... photo-36